Dr. Laura Stewart

Dr Laura Stewart RD, AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy's Expert Consultant

Dr Laura Stewart presenting at the Scottish Parliament.

Dr Laura Stewart is an award winning Registered Dietitian (RD) who founded AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy after working for over 34 years in the NHS. AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy is a passion for Laura. She believes that AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy can bring a positive helping hand to enable those at a corporate, business and organisational level to support their customers and staff to improve their health, lead an active, happy lifestyle and achieve a healthier weight.

Laura has vast experience in weight management during her NHS career as a practitioner, manager and researcher; as well as being a published author in journals, text books, reports and as an editor. Laura spent two years as a Professional Adviser to the Scottish Government working on implementing their Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Framework.

Writing for your publication

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Our expert consultant Dr Laura Stewart is an experienced author around healthier weight and managing obesity. The new NHS Inform adult online weight management programme, launched in 2020, is an excellent example of work developed and written by Dr Laura with a small, expert team from AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Management.

Contact us if you want her to write an informative piece around healthier weight and tackling obesity for your publication, website, magazine or newsletter.

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  Dr Laura Stewart writing in Edinburgh, October 2020