Our new Wellness Weight Programme

Our new Wellness Weight Programme

14th October 2021

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In the last year or so I have had quite a few conversations with people concerned about their increasing weight, particularly due to lockdown. Some have talked about changes in their eating patterns and physical activity levels, while others have discussed eating due to stress. What was a common theme was that they all have asked for help and support in achieving a healthier lifestyle and getting their weight under control.

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This has led us to develop our new Wellness Weight Programme, which we are launching today with dates in early 2022. The programme is for anyone who wishes to explore their readiness to make changes to their lifestyle and consider starting to put in place small changes. 

The Programme consists of two virtual sessions of 3 hours held on Zoom. Experts in behaviour change and weight management will help with -

  • looking at what a healthier weight means
  • working through coping with stress related eating
  • considering possible personalised lifestyle changes
  • working through tools for making lifestyle change goals
  • considering support networks at home.


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The Wellness Weight Programme is not a weight loss programme and is not a diet plan. It is a Programme to help support people to consider their own personal outcomes and explore their current readiness to makes changes. 

With the Programme being virtual you can join us from anywhere and benefit from the expertise of our behavioural change practitioners. 


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Programme 1 - Session 1 Friday 14th January 2022, 1.15pm - 4.30pm and session 2 Friday 4th February 2022, 1.15pm - 4.30pm.

Programme 2 - Session 1 Saturday 15th January 2022, 9.45am - 1pm and session 2 Saturday 5th February, 9.45am - 1pm.

Fees are for both sessions and the programme can be booked directly on Eventbrite with Early Birds fees available until 25th December 2021.

Joins us if you want to start your wellness weight journey in 2022.

Dr Laura Stewart


October 2021