Calorie & Macro Nutrient Labelling

Calorie & Macro Nutrient Labelling

AppleTree can help you to help your customers to make the right healthy choices.

AppleTree offers food outlets of all sizes and small food manufacturers  a service to calculate the calorie (kcal), carbohydrate, protein and fat content of all the food and drink on your menu. As a business, this helps you to label the calorie and major nutrients of your foods and drinks. This will -

  • Show your customers that you value their health
  • Help to promote your social and public health conscience
  • Keep you moving with the modern consumer experience around supporting healthy food choices
  • Keep you ahead of the possible legislation from government. The Scottish Government published their strategy incorporating calorie labelling in summer 2018. 

The general public and therefore your customers are more aware of the calorie (kcal) and nutrient value of the foods they buy, but are often confused when eating out. Many people are counting their calories on health apps, but can be confused or unsure what to input when eating out. AppleTree will help you and your business give your customers accurate information on your products.

We will make calculations, based on worldwide major food nutrient databases, from your recipes and then give you the information per portion size of the calorie content (kcal). This will help your customers make a healthier choice.

At no extra cost we will also be able to give you the added value information of the carbohydrate, protein and fat content per portion size of you products.

'AppleTree could not have been more professional in their approach. Laura came round to visit me at home, and we sat together and went through all my different recipes. Within a week Laura had sent me the nutritional information for all my recipes, in a super easy-to-use format, which I could directly input on to my labels.' Daniela, Spice Harmony

If you want to support your customers with giving them correct calorie and major nutrient information then contact us to discuss our introductory rates.

Typical labelling information

65g fruit scone

Calories Carbohydrate Fat Protein
219kcal 36.5g 7.3g 4.2g