Wellness Weight

Wellness Weight

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Our new Wellness Weight Programme is here to help you kick start your weight management journey. 

Is your lockdown weight just not shifting?

Are you struggling to so the things that once came easily?

If you answer yes to either of these questions then let us help you to invest in your future.

The ethos of our new Wellness Weight Programme is of supporting you to consider your own personal outcomes. Our main emphasis during the two session programme will be to help you  -
  • look at what a healthier weight means to you
  • work through coping with stress-related eating
  • consider possible lifestyle changes
  • work through tools for making lifestyle change goals
  • consider your support networks at home.

Programme 1 - Friday 14th January 2022 starting at 1.15pm and Friday 4th February 2022 at 1.15pm.

Programme 2 - Saturday 15th January at 9.45am and Saturday 5th February 2022 at 9.45am.

Dr. Laura Stewart Image

We know that many people are looking for help with their weight following the struggles of lockdown. 'Maggie's story' tells the real experiences of someone who turned to us for help after lockdown. If you recognise the story or feel you need help to kick start your healthier lifestyle changes then our Wellness Weight Programme can help you.

Each of the two sessions run for 3 hours plus a short break and will be delivered by experts in supporting people in making lifestyle changes and managing their weight.

Our Wellness Weight Programme costs £120 for both the two half day sessions. We have an Early Bird price of £85 for bookings up until 25th December 2021. We are bringing this programme to you in early 2022. Just in time for you to consider a new year, a new you. We will be holding the sessions virtually, so you can join in from anywhere. We are running two programmes in early 2022 each with two sessions - please choose which programme dates suit you best either programme 1 on two Friday afternoons or programme 2 on two Saturday mornings. 

Programme 1 - Friday 14th January 1.15 - 4pm and Friday 4th February 1.15 - 4pm.

Programme 2 - Saturday 15th January 9.45am - 1pm and Saturday 5th February 9.45am - 1pm. 

For both programme book via Eventbrite. Or if you want to register for a place on our waiting list then please contact us. The cost includes both half day sessions and the Wellness Weight Programme work book.