Writing healthier weight programmes

Writing healthier weight programmes

AppleTree is here to help with writing programmes for your clients

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AppleTree will bring our years of experience around healthy lifestyle and healthier weight management to writing for your organisation. We offer a number of ways to share our expertise in writing for the benefit of your organisation -

  • writing weight management programmes for your customers
  • writing healthy lifestyle programmes for your customers.

 Adult weight management programmes

In 2019 AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy was commissioned by the British Dietetic Association to write a 12-week online adult weight management programme for NHS Inform. This involved bringing together a team which included our lead consultant Dr Laura, a clinical psychologist, a social researcher and a research associate. The writing, research including focus groups and peer reviews were completed within 7 months. A full description of our process can be found on our blog of 29th March 2020.

'We benefited enormously from Laura's and AppleTree team's experience and expert knowledge in nutrition and behavioural psychology. Laura ensured we were provided with an evidence based resource which met our needs and the needs of the user groups she facilitated.' Yvonne Traynor, Health Improvement Manager, Diet and Healthy Weight, Public Health Scotland.

'The new 12-week programme will be used by many people to improve their diet, and we're very please that it was developed in an evidence based way by an expert dietitian and her team at AppleTree Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy' Tom Embury, Public Affairs Officer, British Dietetic Association.

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Child weight management programmes

Dr Laura was one of the main authors of the childhood tier 3 weight management programmes SCOTT and SCOTTlite. She offers training on the delivery of these programmes within an integrated weight management service across the UK and beyond. The programme has been delivered in Edinburgh, NHS Tayside, NHS Lanarkshire and the Scottish Islands

'It was like forming a partnership'  Parent  

Dr Laura developed and wrote the original version of the childhood tier 2 group weight management programme Get Going. She wrote this programme to be delivered in a fun way by non-health-care professionals. The programme has been further developed and enhanced by NHS Lothian and continues to be delivered by their local leisure groups.