Training on child & adult obesity and its management

AppleTree are pleased to offer you and your organisation a range of comprehensive training programmes and workshops on both child and adult weight management services. AppleTree’s training will increase your staff’s knowledge, skills and confidence in tackling obesity and help your organisation support your client group.

All our training will be delivered by our award winning expert dietitian Dr Laura Stewart RD. Laura has lectured and trained widely across the United Kingdom and Ireland, her sessions are always very well received and are described as 'Inspiring', 'Excellent', 'Informative', 'Practical' and 'Thought provoking'.

AppleTree can offer you a suite of training opportunities -

If you are interested in any of our training packages or want to discuss your requirements please contact us.

All our costs noted below are inclusive of our travel, subsistence and hand-out notes (typically sent to you prior to the event as a pdf).

Introduction to Childhood Obesity and the Role of the Professional

A one day introduction to childhood obesity which aims to raise awareness of overweight and obesity among professionals. The course will cover diagnosis, causes, implications, evidence based interventions and bringing up the topic of weight with parents. All of course use a variety of learning methods and are very practical.

This training course is particularly relevant for school nurses, school doctors, health visitors, practice nurses, community nurses, GPs, as well as school teachers, nursery workers, social work staff, physical fitness instructors, voluntary organisations.

Introduction to the day

Defining childhood obesity

  • Body Mass Index (BMI), BMI centile charts and relevance to ill health
  • Practical use of BMI charts

Causes and consequences of childhood obesity

Treatment strategies and current evidence

  • practical on energy balance

Looking at it from all sides

  • the parents’ journey
  • the child
  • the professional


The role of the professional

  • raising the issue

Putting it into practice

  • fun practical to facilitate reflection on issues raised

We have evaluated our training with participants from health, leisure/physical activity, education, and other backgrounds, completing both pre and post training evaluations. Post training there were increases in their ability to diagnose childhood obesity with an increase in their skills in the use of BMI calculations and BMI charts. Knowledge of guidelines, confidence in treatment comprehension and awareness of treatment goals all increased. Confidence in their ability to discuss obesity issue with parents also increased.

Cost - £800 per day. 


Using behavioural change tools in managing childhood obesity

Training by a leading paediatric dietitian for dietitians, nutritionists and other health professionals in the use of behavioural change tools in childhood obesity. This practical training course will facilitate dietitians and health professionals working in childhood obesity to develop their skills and confidence in using behavioural change skills on a one to one basis. This course will be relevant to all dietitians, nutritionists and other health professionals working in childhood obesity. Dietitians and others working in paediatric diabetes may also find this course instructive.

Practical sessions on -

  • establishing rapport
  • setting goals
  • using rewards
  • self-monitoring of lifestyle
  • encouraging positive parenting and role modelling
  • stimulus control
  • problem solving

2019 dates

Thursday 7th & Friday 8th November 2019

Taking place at the Sofitel London Gatwick, North Terminal, Gatwick Airport, Horley, RH6 0PH

Contact us to book a place

Cost - Non-residential 2 day course - £290

Cost - 2 day training at your department/trust - £800 per day


Bespoke training and presentations

Our training packages aim to give participants practical skills along with the most up to date evidence to enable them to engage in the management of child obesity and adult weight management services. We have a set and well received training package around raising the issue of child weight with parents.

Our packages can be tailored depending on your staff's needs, skill levels and experience. All allow the inclusion of local policies and procedures.

We deliver our training to you at a place and time convenient to your staff and organisation. Our courses can range from 2 hours to 3 days depending on your needs.

AppleTree and Dr Laura Stewart are also delighted to present at your conference/event around child and adult obesity.

Cost - £800 per day

For less than a full day cost please contact us.


What people say about our training

I think you added a great deal to our day and we will certainly be reflecting on some of the valuable information and messages that you shared. Again thank you for a very engaging, useful and worthwhile morning.

Peter Gerrard, Head of East Staffordshire Children's Centre, Staffordshire

Laura was a wonderful speaker. She gave us helpful and practical advice which many of the parents went away and used. Her knowledge on healthy family lifestyles and in particular how to manage children and food was fantastic. I would definitely recommend her.

Rachael Round, Chairperson, Edinburgh Twins Club

It was great to have Laura's expert opinion and experiences to draw from; lots of ideas and very highly recommended.

Senior Dietitian, England

The whole course was comprehensive and very interesting, Laura was great.

Nursery teacher, East Dunbartonshire Council Education Department.

Exceed my expectations! Great to have examples from a knowledgeable facilitator

Senior Dietitian, Scotland