Weight Management

Weight Management

Dr Laura Stewart RD was the Chairperson of the British Dietetic Association’s Obesity Specialist Group (previously DOM UK). From September 2018 Laura is serving a two year term as an ordinary committee member of the Obesity Specialist Group. For a number of years she co-ordinated the Association for the Study of Obesity’s Scottish Group.

Laura was a member of the working groups for the 2003 Scottish Intercollegiate Guidance Network (SIGN) Childhood Obesity Guidelines (SIGN 69) and the 2010 Obesity Guidelines (SIGN 115).

As a member of the Scottish Public Health Network (ScotPHN)’s subgroup the Scottish Public Health Obesity Special Interest Group (SPHOSIG) Laura has taken an active role in advising the Scottish Government on recommendations on child healthy weight programmes in Scotland (2014) and on the review of the Scottish Obesity Route Map (2015).

Until leaving the NHS in 2018 Laura was an active member of the -

  • Scottish Healthy Weight Pathway working group
  • Scottish Diabetes Group’s Diabetes Prevention subgroup
  • Scottish Healthy Weight Leads Network

Laura has been a member of the Overview Steering Committee for Football Fans in Training (FFIT) Follow Up Study (2014-2016) and for the Advisory Group for the NIHR funded Rebalance study (2016-2018), looking at systematic reviews of quantitative, qualitative and economic analysis of weight management studies on people with severe obesity.